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TIK 4 TALMID is a Non-profit organization registered and operates in Israel. The organization coordinates the collection and distribution of tens of thousands of school bags on a wide national scale in 95 local municipal authorities. Every year, hundreds of young volunteers join forces together in order to organize the operation and distribute the bags to kids all over the country.

Our Partners 

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I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.

- Albert Einstein

About Us

The Project started operating 6 years ago, in 2015. It is based on the spirit of volunteerism and in the last year alone, about 50,000 bags were distributed to children throughout the country.

In 2018, the project became a registered Israeli NPO called: "TIK 4 TALMId" No: 580644797.

Today, we are spread across 95 local municipal authorities where hundreds of volunteers work every year in order to organize the activity and distribute the bags.


Our Numbers

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 Distributed Bags

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אייקון עגלה


אייקון ידיים וקוביה


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Partners in our ecosystem

Local municipal authorities

Nation wide volunteers

Children below the poverty line

School Supply

Our activity

Our organization coordinates the collection and distribution of thousands of schoolbags all over the country. Any parent who is interested in a school bag for his child can receive it for free. All the bags are checked, washed and are in mint condition. 

This is a great solution that serves both social and environmental goals. There is no reason to throw away a schoolbag which was only in use for a singe year. In fact, it's really a win-win situation. By joining our activities, the kids learn the value of donating and recycling.


How It Works?

אייקון עיפרון
אייקון מספר 4

The children, accompanied by their parents, arrive at the distribution points

  to collect the bags.

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At this stage, the organization supports the activity, accompanies the responsible contact person, and sets distribution dates in each local municipal authority.

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The contact responsible for the local activity coordinates the collection of the bags in his area and post about it on social media.

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The organization cooperates with a local municipal authority or private individuals who wish to lead the volunteer activity in their area of residence.

איך עובד

From the Media

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לוגו ספר
  • What is required of a local municipal authority that wishes to cooperate with Tik4Talmid?
    Register in the registration form Define a contact who coordinates the activity Determine a collection and distribution point Prepare a flyer and marketing materials Publish the project on social media
  • Where do the bags come from?
    Mostly from donations and advertising on social media - in the last year over 50,000 backpacks were collected and distributed.
  • How can i donate a schoolbag?
    The local municipal authority in cooperation with the local contact person will determine a collection and distribution point throughout the city (several locations are possible) where the bags can be left according to the operating hours (for example - from a municipal community center).
  • Are there any special instructions before donating a schoolbag?
    Whoever is donating a schoolbag is asked to wash the schoolbag and make sure it is clean and worthy of delivery so that the student can enjoy it as new.
  • What do we do if we run out of stock and there are new parents who wish to receive a backpack for their child?
    The organization will make up for the shortages (according to the available inventory) - after coordination with the local municipal coordinator, we will prepare the required quantity and coordinate collection from our warehouse located in Bat Yam.
  • How can I contact the organization?
    Address: 6 Sena Moshe St., Bat Yam For inquiries call: 054-8155303 For inquiries by email:
  • Who are the founders and management team?
    The founder of the organization is Yaron Levy, 39 years old, a resident of the city of Bat Yam, a social entrepreneur and deputy mayor of Bat Yam. The executive committee: Yaron Levy, Hila Zilber, Ortal Levy, Hila Mayo, Gil Segal, Tal and Mazel Malenboim.
  • Where can I view the organization's documents and certifications?
    For the organization's certificates and documents on the Guidestar website:
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